Zona-X: your photography school in Florence

In Zona-X you can have short-term digital photography workshops, face-to-face, private or collective. Theoretical and practical courses for all levels at a very competitive price. We are located in Florence’s central area, and all of our courses include both theory and practice.

Our goal is that you get the most out of your digital camera in a short time, and be able to use these teachings to take the images you’ve always wanted!

Advertising, architecture, portraits or simply the souvenir photo taken in a professional way, either outside or inside our photography studio, where we will give students access to the latest professional resources, including lighting equipment.

Learn and develop a variety of photographic skills within a professional environment, with a studio that offers a large open and flexible space, suitable for both collaborative and individual learning.

Zona-X Gildardo Gallo photo studio florence

Standard Photography Courses

Starting from
35 27 00
6 hours per week
2 days per week
Basic principles of photography

Semi-Intensive Photography Courses

Starting from
32 22 00
10 hours per week
3 days per week
More practical hours

Intensive Photography Courses

Starting from
28 20 00
20 hours per week
5 days per week
360° photographic experience

Learn photography quickly

Florence is one of the most important art capitals in Europe, and “Zona-X”, is a new concept of face-to-face photography workshops, with an effective, fast proposal, with small groups and personalized attention, guided by professional photographers. Our courses include a brief part of theory, where you will learn to configure and manage the controls of a digital camera.

We know that, to learn photography, the best thing is to practice, that’s why in Zona-X we carry out a part of exercises in a professional studio and in some of the most important locations in Florence.

Why choose Zona-X?

Because you will learn photography fundamentals, handling a reflex camera in manual mode, the use of different lenses, framing and composition, light management, depth of field, professional advice and everything you need to progress in your photographic knowledge in a fun, participative and dynamic way.

The purpose of these courses is to enable students to achieve technical control of the camera and enter the world of photography in any of its many fields; from architecture to portrait, from studio photography to photographic reportage.

The culture of photography, the reading of visual images and the knowledge of some of the best photographers in the world, opens the way to understand that life has many nuances and everything depends on the perspective from which the world is seen, because vision of everything around you, can be manipulated in some way by our creativity.

Contact us

The Zona-X photography school in Florence offers courses in fine art and commercial photography (still-life, portrait, fashion) in studio and externally, for all levels, personalized courses, professional equipment and staff at your service.
To arrange a conversation with our photography coordinator about your interests, options, and available courses, contact our visual arts team.

    Useful info

    All courses follow a single program developed by macro-topics and differ according to the hours of in-depth study on the topics and practical exercises.

    • Standard Course:
    includes 3 theoretical hours per week, and 3 practical hours of photographic shots, both in the studio and outside, the understanding of the basic concepts are important for the development of the photographic experience.
    It offers the capability to customize the topic to be addressed and the advantage to work in a professional photo studio

    • Semi-Intensive Course:
    includes 3 theoretical hours and 7 practical hours per week in a professional studio and also outside, visiting Florence’s greatest spots.
    It offers the capability to customize the topic to be addressed and the advantage to work in a professional photo studio

    • Intensive Course: 20 hours per week, 5 days per week. It is ideal for those who would like to become professional photographers, it is designed to live a 360° photographic experience.
    From advertising photography to artistic photography, how to create a photographic set, still-life exercises, portrait, architecture and many concepts on lighting inside and outside the studio.

    Customize your course.
    Based on your previous experiences and interests, you can customize the course and the topics to be addressed.

    • Standard Course: 6 hours a week, 3 hours on Tuesdays and 3 hours on Thursdays
    • Semi-Intensive Course: 10 hours a week, 3 hours on Tuesdays, 4 hours on Wednesdays and 3 hours on Thursdays
    • Intensive Course: 20 hours a week, 4 hours from Monday to Friday

    The program is organized in a cyclical course that begins every week, thus giving newcomers the opportunity to join a lesson that opens up a new theme and to students who are already attending a course that is more advanced each week.

    The calendar is flexible as needed with due notice.

    Registration is open all year round as the course program is cyclical, so it can be started according to your desire.
    Registration requires a deposit of 30%, followed by the remaining quantity at the time of the first lesson.
    At the time of registration, you are asked to fill in a specific application form that will be sent to you by email.

    The payment of the deposit for registration and the final balance can be made in the following ways:
    Bank transfer
    Payment in cash, at the studio

    The student is considered registered at the time of the payment of the deposit of 30% of the total amount.
    The remaining quantity of the total amount of the course, must be completed at the time of the first lesson, according to the payment methods provided.
    The subscriber declares to personally and fully assume all responsibility for any injuries, illnesses, thefts, material and personal damage suffered or caused to third parties that may occur, both during classroom lessons and during outdoor exercises, declining the course teacher, and its Legal Representative from any type of responsibility.
    In the event of absences, cancellation or abandonment of the course before its conclusion, even if motivated and not dependent on the will of the subscriber, there is no refund or recovery for the lessons not taken.
    The End-of-Course Certificate is issued only to those who conclude the educational path with the delivery of the images and documents required by the programs as a final test.
    Participation in exhibitions, multimedia and online image galleries, implies that the author is in possession of the authorization to use the images by the subjects possibly depicted; use for which he himself assumes full responsibility. The rights of the works will always remain the property of the author.

    Pietro Sentina

    Gildardo Gallo is a professional that all those who approach photography should know. Prepared, professional, courteous, the spaces in the studio are welcoming and large, the photographic equipment in his possession on which you can experiment is really great. Thanks Gildardo.

    Bruno Spinazzola

    Beautiful photographic space, ideal for photographs, fashion etc ... Always a pleasure to use Gildardo's creativity, with always surprising results. To be recommended

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