Gildardo Gallo photographer, Florence


I was born in Mexico in 1970, where I professionally prepare as a graphic designer. Later I got to know photography and I must say that it was love at the first “Click”.
In the early nineties I moved to Mexico City to study photography at the Escuela Activa, a school oriented towards creative and documentary photography rather than commercial.

Over time, after experimenting with different photographic genres, I realized that my deepest interest was dreamlike photography… What else I could do? I’m a dreamer!

I first came to Italy in the late nineties. In 2003 I founded ZONA-X, a space committed to the creative development of the photographic image.
I’ve always been passionate about portraiture, alongside my artistic and commercial projects, especially in the field of fashion, a versatile field in which I can cultivate my passion for portrait making, a genre that I have always developed since the beginning of my career as a photographer.
Studying commercial photography has opened up a world to me. It have helped me to improve the technique and to understand important concepts that have enriched my work in terms of content.

As a fashion photographer, I have worked for brands such as Armani, Ferragamo, Patrizia Pepe, Ilaria Nistri, Masnada, Dr. Vranjes, etc. I have also published some of my works in magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Kult, New on the Catwalk, Moda etc.

Always captivated to human behavior and its psychological implications, since the beginning of my career, I have been interested in observing how people behave in front of the camera (or rather, how we behave when we know we are being observed). Interested on the study of some of the psychological aspects that characterize mankind, from its most common psychopathies to the great strength that man can show to overcome the tragedies of life, in my projects I speak about them with an aesthetically refined language that it allows me to deal with such deep and complex issues.

I would also claim to describe and recognize myself through my work, building scenes that somehow represent some moments of the history I’ve lived: my dreamlike projects always speak of man, his fears, his pains and above all, his inner conflicts.

In this type of ‘oneiric’ work, very often the moment of the click is not the most important: the pre-visualization of the scene, the preparation, the construction first imagined and then implemented of the set and the lighting, are the fundamental aspects to master, in order to bring out the most creative part of each one of us.
I have participated in solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Spain and Greece.