Light and shadow

I daydream about the dark night that illuminates life, shapeless beings that wear masks of happiness… I escape from a trivial life, ambition, hypocrisy, and look for my own glory by taking the narrowest and most difficult path

This catalog represents Gildardo Gallo’s journey into photography—from the late 90’s until today—and is comprised of both personal projects, mainly inspired by the art world, and commercial ones mostly related to the fashion world.

Gildardo Gallo started his journey into photography by taking pictures of art pieces at the Morelia Museum. This experience has deeply affected all his work, even his work in the fashion world.

All the photos included in these galleries reflect the contrast between light and shadows—which for Gallo is not a technical aspect of his work but more a philosophical choice.

The uniqueness of Gallo’s work is highlighted by the way he photographs his subjects. They are all projected onto a dark background then hit by a thin ray of light which gives them a new life — a sense of rebirth.

By Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia – Mexico

Today’s societies are all about speed, but scarcity of time is one of the most disruptive aspects of life. The time to find our needs as human beings gets constantly reduced, and our responsibilities and social roles can lead to the loss of identity. We are static entities hanging between light and darkness, between land and air.
This is what I want to transmit through my work.